What we do



We offer a full range of Liner and Port Agency Services, and are pleased to inform our clients, principals,  Ship owners, ship managers, agents and shipping companies that we are capable of handling Port Agency Duties as part of our responsibilities to ships’ Captains/Masters of various types of ships, specifically the agent in the port.

Our Responsibilities include

Before the ship’s arrival, on arrival, during the ship’s call, upon departure and after departure. As independent agents, we are able to offer the same services to large liner companies or companies dealing with liner trades, as the services are similar.

We offer the following services in shipping
Dealing with the ship
Dealing with outward cargo-marketing
Dealing with outward cargo-documentation
Dealing with outward cargo-containers
Dealing with inward cargo
Dealing with the principal
The liner agent remote from the port
The agency contract.

The Coastal Maritime Development Public Limited Company is a Maritime and Shipping Company with qualified staff carrying out a wide variety of Ship Management Structure/Services by contracting out to:
Independent Ship management or Crewing Companies,
Ship owning Companies,
Ship owners, namely the Structure of Ship management,
We also offer Shipping Companies the following services
Ship management
Cost functions in a hypothetical budget estimate which is carried out by our independent ship managers.

Another important service we offer for ship broking is Ship Sale and Purchase Brokers. We perform these services within three distinct sectors of the ship sale and purchase market namely; new builds, second hand tonnages and scrapping. However, the essential elements for the success of a Ship Sale and Purchase are:

  • We maintain a network of relationships with Principals or Ship owners,
  • We have a detailed up to date database of tonnages in our office,
  • Speedy response to Inquiries
  • Market Opportunities are always available to our clients
  • We offer detailed knowledge procedures to our clients who sell and buy ships
  • Full knowledge of contract forms are always explained to sellers and buyers of second-hand ships
  • The opportunity is provided by us based on an awareness of market trend values.

Dry Cargo Chartering Brokers:

  • COMADEV PLC act as an intermediary between Ship owners and charterers of vessels,
  • Search all types of vessels required by  charterers, shippers, importers, exporters, cargo interest etc.,
  • Act as brokers of bulk dry cargo between ship owners and charterers, The cargo types are grain, coal, iron ore, bauxite etc,
  • Sourcing cargo for a ship,
  • Sourcing ships for cargo,
  • Perform services of exclusive brokers
  • Responsible for the Principal’s business as competitive brokers
  • We are referred to as intermediate brokers,
  • We have extensive knowledge and understand the market,
  • We are able to have the post fixture department.

Tanker Chartering Brokers:

  • We are highly skilled brokers within the Tanker chartering market,
  • We deal with tanker ships which are limited to one cargo while working in hand/collaboration with major oil companies,
  • Our Company has profound knowledge of the tanker trade
  • Sourcing cargo for tankers
  • Sourcing tankers for the cargo
  • Perform the services of exclusive brokers,
  • Responsible for the Principal’s business as competitive brokers,
  • We are referred to as intermediate brokers,
  • We have extensive knowledge and understand the market,
  • We are able to manage the post fixture department.

COMADEV PLC offer the following auxiliary services:

Ship and Transportation Agency,

Stevedoring services,

Tallying Company Services,

Clearing and Forwarding Agency,

Freight Agency,

Crewing Agency Services,

Maritime Training and Consultancy,

Maritime Labour Supply,

Manpower Labour Supply,

International Trade

Import and Export Services

Ship Chandlery Services,

Offshore Support Industry Services to Rigs, Oil and Gas Offshore, and Onshore Companies,

Health Safety Environment (HSE) Services,

Health Safety Environment (HSE) Training and Consultancy,

Bunker Specifications and Supply Services.