Our Company offers a full range of Port and Liner Agency Services and is a recognized Certified Agent.

COMADEV PLC aspires to create any type of Shipping Organization in collaboration with the Government of Cameroon to regularise and modernize the Shipping Industry.

As a full time Maritime/Shipping Company according to the OHADA treaty signed by the Government of Cameroon, we manage four additional ‘disciplines’ of ship broking

Our services include the Implementation of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), Maritime Pollution (MARPOL), Liability and Compensation to the human element, cargo interest and environment.

As a Certified Agent, our services are unlimited for project cargo, unitized or containerized cargo, and break-bulk cargo. We own Liners as a different market type as our ships trade according to a schedule of ports of loading and discharge, usually adhering to a published time table on set conditions of carriage and often charged at an undisclosed rate of freight. Our Ships’ cargo is made up of a large number of different consignments from a number of different shippers. Each consignment has to be separately documented and could be as small as one carton or as large as several tonnes.

The Cargo from shippers contains manufactured or partly manufactured goods. We make sure that there is cargo stowage with self-trimming but the vast majority-perhaps are as much as 90% - of our liner cargo which is carried in Containers. Liner cargo comprises all goods that are carried in ships that serve a regularise and advertised route.

This can be termed as General Cargo comprised of the following:

Cases, cartons and crates will contain items that are already individually packed for reselling. Consumer goods, Pharmaceuticals, Oils and Chemicals, Foodstuffs, Machinery and parts, High value cargo etc.

Loose and bundled cargo such as manufactured steel, rubber tyres,vehicles,reels and coils, loose cargo on pallets etc.

Drums and barrels such as oils and paints, chemicals, beverages fruit juices, whisky.

Bales and bundles which are goods that do not need any rigid protection from knocks and bumbs.They only need minimal protection from wet or dirt, textile fibres,raw textile fibres,textile waste,hides,forest products,woodpulp,timber.

Bags and Snacks such as foodstuffs, animal feeds, building materials, chemicals.

Unpacked Motor vehicles carried in Pure Car Carriers (PCCs) which only carry cars.

Hanging Garments where we utilize specifically fitted containers to carry this large proportion of fashion goods especially suits, dresses, shirts and blouses to be shipped on hangers on rails in the container. The only protection needed is plastic cover over the individual item to protect it from dirt.