Our Team

COMADEV PLC has well qualified staff who are capable of handling the liner and port Agency of all types of ships with many years of commercial and sea-going experiences. Our Executive and Managers have acquired professional Qualifying Examinations at the Institute of chartered ship brokers (I.C.S)LONDON, THE United Kingdom and graduates, pilots from the Regional Maritime Academy in Accra, Ghana.Our aim is to promote education and staff training through the I.C.S. examinations to raise the standards and ethics within the Maritime and shipping industry. We are trained to handle documentation of hazardous cargo in relation all our clients and principals needs and we seek to work with companies who are capable of achieving the same high level of service that we aim for.
Our board of director’s port folio and credentials in the shipping industry are as follows:

Chairman/General Manager:

In 2002 while still in Cameroon a voice from the Almighty, descended down into his mind, then into the heart of MWENE EKOME RINGOBEL, to launch the Coastal Maritime Development Public Limited Company. MWENE EKOME RINGOBEL currently, presides as Chairman and General Manager. On the 17 April 2004 he traveled to the Republic of South Africa in search of a better life. On his arrival his intention was to develop his trade within the Shipping Industry.

In January 2005, he started his career as an Educator at the Samora Machelle High School Johannesburg Gauteng Province South Africa.
On the 10 April 2006, he relocated to Mthatha in the Eastern Cape South Africa where he was employed at ST. JUDE Private School.
On the 12 April 2006 to July 2006,Strategic High School,
In April 2007 to 01 June 2007 Holy Cross Education Centre.
On the 04 June 2007 he was employed by the Government or Public Sector within the Department of Education Libode-Mega District Eastern Cape as a post Level 1 Educator in the Republic of South Africa.
During his time in South Africa he has obtained vast teaching experience through various Support Training Programs in Teaching and Learning

On the 23 December 2010 COMADEV PLC was registered as a Common Initiative Group (C.I.G)
In January 2008, he joined the Shipping Industry by enrolling into the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (I.C.S.)
Chartered Ship Brokers,is well established, and the oldest structured African branch of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (I.C.S) with headquarters in London, the United Kingdom.

Through Chartered Ship Brokers, EKOME has obtained many years of shipping experience backed up with International Recognized Shipping Qualifications such as Foundation Diploma (FD) with a credit pass, Advanced Diploma (AD) with a credit pass, and Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) with a credit pass.

From January 2008 whilst with the Institute of Chartered Ship brokers (I.C.S), EKOME fell in Love with Shipping Operations
As a manager for eight years, he gained extensive Knowledge, Proficiency, and experience in the Operation of Ships and Management of Ships.
On the 27 August 2014,he was appointed as an in-house- Ship Manager within the Ship Management Structure of the Coastal Maritime Development Public Limited Company.


Telephone: +237676046597
                        073 691 7282

Email: ringobel@comadev.co.za


Operations Manager:
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EKEMA MAYA GEORGE has many years of Professional Shipping Experience specializing  as a Seafarer, General Purpose Seaman which qualifies him as a Third-Class Mate in a Ship’s Crew. Between 1995 – 1996 he worked at FAKO SHIP and Transport Company in Cameroon as a Speed Boat Pilot. Between 1996 – 1998 he was employed at Maersk Supply Service in Equatorial Guinea where he served as a BOSUN.

Between 2002 – 2012,he enrolled into the Regional Maritime University(RMU) Accra Ghana where he obtained the following Certificates; Efficient deck hand/Certificate of Competency, Life boat/Certificate of Proficiency as Life boat/Certificate of Proficiency as Life boat man,ISPS Awareness, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, Firefighting and Fire Prevention, Personal Survival Techniques, Elementary First Aid, Steering Certificate, Deck Rating Watch keeping, Familiarization and Basic Safety Training Certificate, Oil Tanker Familiarization.

Born on the 01 October 1958, the Veteran joined the Coastal Maritime Development Public Limited Company on the 09 July 2013 when it was still a Common Initiative Group (C.I.G).Much Shipping Professional Experience was brought into the Company because of his past added working Shipping Experience with VERITAS-D.G Limited in 2006, LAMNALCO FALCON/LAMNACO in 2007,DEEP VENTURE DRILLING SHIP in 2007,PACIFIC SUPPLIER in 2008,TERRASEIS AND GEOKINETICS as PILOT in 2009,SPIE OIL AND GAS LTD-SEA WORK 1 in 2010,M.V HIGHLAND ENDURANCE in 2011 and PERENCO CAMEROON from 08 January 2013 to 08 May 2013,BOURBON LIBERTY 235 in 2014 and Delta Sky in 2015.

Due to these past working experiences in about nine Shipping and Oil and Gas Companies added with his professional Shipping Certificates as a Senior Crew Member, EKEMA MAYA was nominated and appointed as the on the 27 August 2014,as the Operations Manager in the Ship Management Structure of “COMADEV PLC”.


Telephone: + 237677513555



Commercial Manager:
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Born on the 22 October 1980,this lady has been instrumental to the COASTAL MARITIME DEVELOPMENT PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY until its manifestation.TABEMONSO BESSEM ELSIE was the facilitator and architect during the registration process for the Company to be registered as a Common Initiative Group (C.I.G) from the time she joined the Company on the 26 June 2010.In her educational profile, between the year 2000 to 2001,she obtained a Diploma in Business Economics and Commerce in Cambridge International College and a Diploma in Business Bookkeeping and Accounts respectively in Buea,Republic of Cameroon. In 2009 she enrolled into Women Empowerment and the Family Centre in Limbe, Cameroon where she obtained a Certificate in Project Management.

She had acquired professional experiences precisely in 2003 to 2004 as a Secretary/Cashier in Sameo Paper Co.LTD in Limbe, 2005 to 2007 Manager in Richbess Business Center in Limbe, 2007 to 2009 volunteering with African Alliance for Development Action as Project Officer in Limbe, in 2009 to 2014, the Executive Director of Integrated Youth Empowerment Center (IYEC) in Limbe. All the aforementioned experiences took place in the Republic of Cameroon.

On August 27, 2014 she was amongst the panel who nominated the various Management Staffs in the Company which the Board of Directors appointed her as the Company Secretary General.

On the 25 September 2014, TABEMONSO BESSEM was sponsored by the Company to enroll for UNDERSTANDING SHIPPING (US) with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) South African Branch, combined with her Commercial background, earning her the appointment on the 09 January 2015 as the Commercial Manager of “COMADEV PLC” while she still continued with her studies with the ICS South Africa, until the 18 January 2016 which she passed and graduated with an UNDERSTANDING SHIPPING Certificate.


Telephone: + 237675866283


Co- Manager/Accounting Manager:

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During the time of Incorporation into a Public Limited Company, the Republic of Cameroon law of corporate entities, states that there must be at least one Co- Manager alongside the other Manager of the Company and this lady is ETUGE SUSAN DIONE.

MWENE EKOME RINGOBEL and ETUGE SUSAN DIONE as Managers and Co- Managers respectively, of   Coastal Maritime Development Public Limited Company have unlimited liability with regard to the Company’s debt and the powers to commit the Company.

Born in 1960, the veteran lady is a Business woman and a farmer who owns cash crop farms like palms, cocoa plantations in the South West Region in the Republic of Cameroon.ETUGE SUSAN DIONE has been in the plantation Agriculture Industry since 1988 which qualify her to be a business woman locally in Cameroon selling her processed products to small holders and exporters who trade Internationally particularly neighboring Nigeria, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

With the above, she has been liable to assume unlimited liability to the Company such as loans payable, bonds payable, interest payable, wages payable and income tax payable. While offering herself to these sacrifices, she joined the Company on the 24 August 2014 and proved herself as the financial power-house to the entire Company expenses as from 2014 afore mentioned. During the General Assembly Meeting on the 21 December 2015, ETUGE SUSAN DIONE was appointed an additional function to the ship management structure as the Accounting Manager.


Telephone: + 237676832864

Email: etuge@comadev.co.za

Technical Manager:


Dr.EKEMA ABIODUN ANJORIN is a Medical Director of Hillcrest Group/Uphealth Foundation in Limbe, the Republic of Cameroon. Born on the 31 December 1959, he is a man with many years of Professional Medical experience qualifying him to be a Medical Doctor. Between 1987 – 1993, he studied Medicine and Surgery, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Nigeria which he obtained (MB.ChB. Degree).In 1999, he obtained Certificates, In Health Leadership and Management, Global Health Action- Atlanta USA and Applied Epidemiology, Emory University/Centre for Disease Control, Atlanta USA.In the year 2000, he obtained a Diploma in the Introduction to Disease Surveillance, Emory University, Atlanta and Centre for Disease Control, USA.In 2007 he obtained a diploma in Benchmarks for HIV Professionals in Africa,Inwent in Germany. In 2008, he obtained another diploma in International Approaches in health financing and health insurance in Africa, Inwent, Germany.Dr EKEMA ABIODUN ANJORIN has done the following Research training.

In 2003, Training vaccine trial to Walter Reed/Johns Hopkins University, Vaccine Trial Site in Kericho, Kenya (sponsored by JHU Cameroon). In 2004, he did research training on Proposal Development for Scientific Research in Africa, (African Center for Reproductive Health in Collaboration with Welcome Trust).In 2005, he did research training on Proficiency in Good Clinical Practice, AGCP South Africa. In the same year, the veteran Medical Doctor did other training in Advance HIV Management, European AIDS Clinical Society, Montpellier in France. In 2008; he did clinical Training as Internship at Jordan HIV Center, Rochester New York.

Dr EKEMA A.ANJORIN has administrative experience in 1993 – 1995-Medical House Officer, Ikeja General Hospital Lagos Nigeria, 1995 – 1996 Resident Medical Officer, Hillcrest Clinic Limbe, 1996 – 2000 Medical Officer in charge of Bota Clinic/Medical Officer – in charge of water and sanitation for 24 Cameroon Development Cooperation (CDC) Estates with over 60,000 inhabitants.2000 – 2002-Medical Officer, in charge of CDC Mukonje Hospital and northern zone industrial unit.

While in the Medical Profession, Dr.EKEMA A.ANJORIN joined the Coastal Maritime Development Public Limited in June 2014 which all this time he has been working in the Ship manager’s office of COMADEV PLC as a staff. In 2015, in his other training, he studied Basic Life Skills in bym American Cardiac Association, Marine Security and Safety. With these Medical, Managerial Shipping experience and studies, he was appointed during the meeting’s General Assembly on the 15 August 2015 as the Technical Manager of the Company.


Telephone: +237677605420

Email: anjorine@comadev.co.za

image1-copyAKANG SAMUEL MWENE, (Management Staff)

Storing and Insurance Manager:

Although he holds the above management position in Coastal Maritime Development Public Limited Company, AKANG SAMUEL MWENE has since been actively involving, participating as Civic Societies, Common Initiative Group and Non- Governmental activities Co-coordinator since 1993 to the Present.

Born in 1967, AKANG S. MWENE Studied in the University of Yaoundé between 1988 – 1992, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Law. Thereafter, he obtained additional knowledge and skills when in 1993, he received a one-week intensive training in Yaoundé in a workshop organized by the World Bank/USAID on the elaboration and dissemination of information on the new Co-operative/Common Initiative Group Legislation.

Between 1993 to the year 2000, he participated in facilitating a one –week seminar each on the said Law in South West and North West Regions of Cameroon, he took part in an International Workshop organized by African Forest Action Network (AFAN) and sponsored by Transparency International at Limbe, Cameroon. More so, he acquired a four years’ working experience as a part time worker in the Centre for the Environment & Rural Transformation (CERUT) a National NGO based in Limbe, as a Public relations officer.

Furthermore, in 2001, he attended an International Conference on Linking Work, Knowledge and Skills in Interlaken-Switzerland. In 2007, he attended a training course in Buea, Cameroon on Project Planning and Management for Public Service Practitioners organized by the Pan African Institute for Development-Buea and the Common Wealth Secretariat in London. In 2012 he attended a one week Strength to Strength conference organized by MRDF-United Kingdom in Kampala Uganda. He is also a founding member of Bajoh Indigenous Development Association-a Community Based organization working with indigenous people in promoting their rights and livelihoods.

More so, apart from the afore mentioned AKANG SAMUEL M.was attracted into the Shipping Industry when he joined” COMADEV PLC” as a Common Initiative Group(C.I.G)  on the 16 June 2013 which his first function was to help the Company on litigation affairs and seeing forward for Incorporation into its presence Public Limited Status. Thereafter, because of much knowledge and experience acquired in the General Manager’s office specifically in Ship management, he was nominated by the General Assembly which earned him an appointment on the 21, December 2015 as the Storing and Insurance Manager of the Company.


Telephone: +237677822405

Email: samuel@comadev.co.za

Crewing and Recruiting Manager:


Born on the 15 February 1982, EKANG VALENTINE OSONG Completed High School in 1999 in Government High School Kumba, Republic of Cameroon obtaining the General Certificate of Examination(G.C.E) Advance Level.

After obtaining the above mentioned High School Certificate, he tried many jobs in order to earn a living until when he was attracted in the Shipping industry. In his professional experience, between January to April 2003, he worked in WACKENHHUT where he was in charge of Security and Fire Safety. Between 2009

to 2010, he worked in THANASIS which he occupied the position as a Cargo Manager. In February 2011 to June 2011, he worked in MOSCARVIDE as a Cargo Manager. February to June 2013, he was employed in KOSMOS ENERGY as a Roustabout. In May 2013, he worked in African Onshore Drilling as a Fuel Attendant. From July to December 2013, he was employed in NADINE SEA EXPRESS as a Cargo Manager.

Furthermore, following EKANG VALENTINE Professional experience in the Oil and Gas and Shipping Industry, he joined and was employed into COASTAL MARITIME DEVELOPMENT PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY as a staff in the Operations Department on the 09 January 2015.Because of his enormous experience in the Liner Trades and Dry Cargo Chartering Shipbroking disciplines, he was appointed as the Crewing and Recruitment Manager of the Company on the 11 April 2015 during the Company’s General Assembly Meeting.


Telephone: +237678836808

Email: valentin@comadev.co.za



Born on the 31/12/1977, this lady joined our Company while in South Africa as a Non – Profit Organization (NPO) which was called RURAL TRANSFORMATION CENTRE (RUFCE) with some shipping activities on the 11/08/2009 as a Project Manager, holding a Diploma in Laboratory Technician in the Government Nursing School Bamenda, Cameroon made her was very instrumental in the above mentioned NPO.

 From there onwards, she was inspired to further her Education which she enrolled with the University of South Africa (UNISA), Centre for Industrial and Organisational Psychology in 2011 which ended her with with a Certificate Course in Occupational Health and Safety Act 1993, on the 31 December 2013.

Thereafter, she did not end there which with the above successes in her career, COMADEV PLC in Limbe headquarters, Cameroon  decided to further her studies Internationally which she was enrolled into Nebosh(The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) Registered in England & Wales. In this Institution, she obtained the bellow certificates on the 23 April 2015:

-NEBOSH IGC 1: Management of International Health and Safety

-NEBOSH IGC 2: Controlling Workplace hazards

-NEBOSH IGC 3: Health and Safety Practical Application

-NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Following the above qualifications, Mrs. Mullah Annemarie N has been working in COMADEV PLC as a Health and Safety Environment (HSE) Officer and consultant contracting by Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas Companies in Cameroon, Africa and the world at large. With all these working experience, following the COMADEV PLC General Assembly meeting held in Limbe on the 21/12/16 she was appointed as the Deputy Director heading the Company’s branch in South Africa.

Tel: +27789040109

Email annmarie@comadev.co.za

SAMUELMr. BOCHUM SAMUEL BACHE was born on the 14/09/1995 at Banga Bakundu, Meme Division of the South West Region of the Republic of Cameroon. As as an Academic Acquisition, He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geography in 2016, from the University of Buea,Republic of Cameroon which has enabled him to be the Founder/Executive Director of Youth advocates for peace and community empowerment Cameroon(YAPCEC).

More so, some of his extended courses were; a Course on Climate Change (Yali Online course), Management strategies for people and resources (Yali Online course), JCI active citizen, needs analysis and sustainable solution course, Coorperate Social Responsibility, Community Organizing For Action(Yali Online course),Going Green For Business Entrepreneurs(Yali Online Course),Leadership and team work, Personal development.

With the above mentioned, these earned him to be the National Youth Delegate to Commonwealth, UK, National Youth Delegate to African Youth Networks Summit, South Africa, Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy, Board Member of Multipurpose youth empowerment Centre Buea, Member of Junior Chamber International (JCI), Member of Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) University of Buea executive etc.

Furthermore, due to the afore-mentioned experiences, they qualified him to attend many International Sponsored Conferences in the Republic of Cameroon and overseas countries. These were as follows; Global Youth Expression 2016 Yaoundé on (Peace and Security Community leadership and development, and Entrepreneurship),Yalta International I boot – Camp in 2016,Mountain Hotel Buea – Cameroon ( Regional Integration for a Prosperous Africa),Annual Pan African International conference in Cameroon organized by International Governance Institute – United Kingdom, in Limbe Savoy Palmz Hotel, Commonwealth Youth Forum and Heads of Government Summit (GHOGM) in London-UK,April 2018,and African Youth Networks Summit ( AYNS) Pretoria, South Africa, July 2018.

However, as an aspiring young man, Mr. Bochum Samuel showed an interest in the Maritime/Shipping Industry in December 2015 which awarded him a position in the two Companies in Cameroon and South Africa respectively, as an Import and Export Clerk.

After reviewing his performances, growth within the Shipping Industry, the Board of Directors’ of Coastal Maritime Development Public Limited Company in Cameroon covering the South African Subsidiary Branch Company, nominated and appointed him on the 13/08/2018 as the Marketing Manager/In charge of Import and Export of goods and Services, markets, in our two Companies, Republic of Cameroon and Republic of South Africa respectively.

Email: samuelb@comadev.co.za

Ph: +237 674 839 683