About Us

The Coastal Maritime Development Public Company Limited (COMADEV PLC) is a Maritime and Shipping Company with its headquarters in Limbe, the Republic of Cameroon and was founded in December 2010 as a Common Initiative Group (C.I.G) with Registration No.SW1GP/038/10/9610 in Buea, Cameroon. On the 29th December 2014 the C.I.G was incorporated as a legal Maritime and Shipping Public Limited Company with a Registration No.TPPRR/RC/L’BE/2014/B/0699 in order to provide a top class Liner and Port Agency Services in Cameroon and the whole of Gulf of Guinea.From the above introduction, the Company is capable to be a parent Maritime and Shipping business corporate entity in the Republic of Cameroon because of its years of practical experience in Shipping activities. Apart from the COMADEV PLC headquarters in Limbe, the Company has branch offices in different cities within Cameroon, South Africa and widens its operations in non OHADA signatory countries Worldwide.

The Coastal Maritime Development Public Limited Company's Shareholders and Board of Directors adopted the below Company Vision,Mission Statement and values,since its creation on the 31st December 2010

Company Vision: “To Support activity and build a wider understanding of Ships, Shipping and the context of Commercial Industry through the Maritime World Explained or Understanding Shipping” Courses.

Company Mission Statement: “Working in close collaboration with the stakeholders and the Governments of Cameroon and South Africa to modernize the shipping Industry to International Standard.”

Our Values:

Our Word Our Bond - We always keep on a promise,
Entrepreneur - We are dynamic,rigorous in our daily and decision- making,
Openness - We promote honesty,transparency,integrity,willingness to listen,learn and develop one's self,
Meritocracy - We are fair to our business partners and also to our employees,whose talents we promote and develop within our organization.
Initiative - We encourage new ideas,creativity,and innovative approaches to continuously improve our services.

Due to the normal corporate entity laws in the Republic of Cameroon, COMADEV PLC Taxpayer’s No.:M121412243676W qualifies the Company as committed and well established for its tax obligations  to the Taxation Directorate in the Republic of Cameroon.
The Coastal Maritime Development Public Limited Company has an initial Registered Capital fixed at the sum of Two Hundred Million (200,000,000) Francs CFA.